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      Post Eye of the Diamond

      Long ago before I ,was born there were great warriors who owned a very rare special mineral, a diamond. They use it for hopes, dreams, and wishes every dinner time.

      "Diamond, we wish for food for the poverty!" one of the warriors shouted and rose his fancy cup filled with sparkling water in the air.

      The warriors would celebrate with the diamond every night until one night. A shadow went inside the warriors' house and tried taking the diamond. The warriors tried stopping the shadow, but the shadow wished the warriors to turn into stone. The shadow placed the diamond on the empty eye of the golden tiger statue.

      "For now on, you will listen to my commands or else!" the golden tiger statue said.

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      Re: Eye of the Diamond

      I am working on Chapter 1.

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      Re: Eye of the Diamond

      Chapter 1: A Quest
      Point of View: Asami

      My sister, Unmei and I were doing our everyday thing in Tokyo, Japan, going to the Japanese pond. This is where we started our adventure. If you are a shadow, please stop reading. I am serious stop reading, you can get attacked by just reading this. If you are a wizard or pirate then stay, you need to hear this.

      "Come on Unmei!" I shouted running to the Japanese pond.
      "I'm coming Asami!" thirteen year old Unmei shouted back and tried to catch up.
      When we arrived at the Japanese pond, we sat down and looked at the Japanese pond.
      The Japanese pond was filled with koi fishes, fishes, rocks, lily pads, and other nature stuff.
      "Let's go to the bridge Asami," Unmei exclamed and ran to the bridge. I walked to the bridge.
      Unmei smiled at me. I pulled out fish food and dropped some on Unmei's hand.
      "Give it to the koi fish over there," I smiled and pointed at the koi fish.
      Unmei threw fish food to the koi fish and the koi fish happily ate it.
      Unmei said, "Oh this is such a beaut-", but then suddenly fire and ice rose up.
      "Woah!" I shouted and went in front of Unmei, trying to protect her.
      When ice and fire came down, it gave us a sign to run home. We tried running home, but it was too late, fire and ice got us. We layed down there until the next morning.
      We felt something poking us, we woke up and saw a man.
      "What happened?" the man said.
      I got up and helped my sister up.
      "Ice and fire," I said.
      I placed my arm on the bridge and the bridge got caught on fire.
      The man raged like fire and told us to leave so we left. My sister and I walked home talking about how the heck the bridge got on fire by just placing an arm on the bridge.
      I looked up at the beautiful sunrise and imagined my sister and I going on the quest. That is what I wanted to do, sounds so fun.
      When we arrived home, we saw our mother placing plates of rice, noodles, and sushi.
      “Just in time for dinner,” our mother smiled.
      I ran to my room and cried with flaming tears. The flaming tears surprisingly didn't burn my face.
      “Asami just need some alone time,” Unmei said and sat down the dinner chair.
      Unmei picked up her chopsticks and ate one piece of sushi. The chopsticks froze with ice with snowflakes pattern. When she was chewing the sushi, it felt like frozen sushi that hasn't been cooked.
      “Unmei, your chopsticks,” our father said.
      Unmei looked down at her chopsticks and threw away her chopsticks then ran to her room, crying with frozen tears.
      “Sis, what happened?” I said trying to wipe away my tears.
      “I-I have ice powers and I froze chopsticks in front of our parents,” Unmei cried.
      “I think it is best for us to just go to sleep, we're probably just going crazy,” I replied.
      We both said good night, hopped on to our beds and went to sleep.
      A few hours went by and some random shadow decided to put Unmei and I together into one dream to just talk to the shadow.
      “Hello,” the shadow said.
      “Who are you?” I asked.
      “I am the Shadow Queen before Morganthe was the Shadow Queen,” the shadow replied. “Just call me Senka.”
      “Why do you even need? Why did you come to our dream?” Unmei asked.
      “The Egyptain shadow, Isesu, who was once a princess, but then became a shadow by Morganthe stole a diamond,” Senka replied.
      “Tell us more,” I replied.
      “I will just be patient. Long, long ago before you two were born, there were warriors, well vikings, had a diamond that makes wishes. They make the wishes every night until one night. Isesu stole the diamond and wished to freeze the vikings then ran away.” Senka said.
      “And you're telling us this because?” Unmei said.
      “Because we need your help. With your ice and fire powers, you can get the diamond back and unfreeze the vikings!” Senka replied.
      “Woah, woah, woah, did you give us the powers?” I asked.
      “No, Isesu did on accident.” Senka said.
      “Oh, is she trying to destroy Tokyo, Japan?” Unmei asked with fear.
      “Not just Tokyo, Japan, the whole world and possibly the universe,” Senka said.
      Unmei screamed in fear and ran in circles.
      “How are we supposed to go to Egypt when we don't have plane tickets?” I asked.
      “The next time you wake up, your room will be in Egypt,” Senka replied. “I got to go now, enjoy the rest of your sleep and good night.”
      Senka disappeared into the mist.
      Unmei and I woke up five hours later and checked to see what's for breakfast. When we opened the door and walked out, we saw Egyptian pyramids.
      So it is true, I thought.
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      Re: Eye of the Diamond

      :o Can't wait for the next chapter :DDD

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      Re: Eye of the Diamond

      Chapter 2: We Meet Akana
      Asami's Point of View

      "Unmei, don't tell me this is real," I said.
      Unmei didn't answer, she stared at the Egyptain pyramids.
      A woman walked up to us and said, "Hello, I am Akana, you look nothing like Egyptains."
      We told her that we actually are Egyptains even though we are Japanese.
      "Oh, your clothes is totally out of fashion then, come with me." Akana said. "You need to change the way you're wearing your clothes."
      Akana started walking and we followed her.
      "So Akana, are you planning to travel to some place?" Unmei asked.
      "Oh yes, I am seeing the shadows to talk to the golden tiger statue," Akana replied.
      When we arrived at Akana's house, we saw two beautiful Egypt dresses with icy blue color and red flame color.
      Wow, so beautiful, I thought.
      We both put on our Egypt dresses over our clothes.
      "Akana, may we follow you to visit the shadows?" I asked.
      "Of course!" Akana replied.
      "Um, Asami may we speak in private?" Unmei asked.
      Unmei and I went to another room. Unmei kept yelling at me about how crazy I am to follow her and shadows can cause harm to us.
      "Dude, maybe the shadows have the diamond," I said.
      Unmei sighed and accepted we're following Akana. Akana peeked in the room and asked if we're done talking.
      Akana opened the door, closed it, then locked it. We followed her.
      "I know you are Japanese and not Egyptain," Akana said. "Just pretend you are Egyptain, okay?"
      We both nodded.
      Akana stopped by the One Yen Store, I guess what the store is called because every item is one yen.
      Akana requested two Egyptain masks for both of us.
      "That will be two Egyptain pound please," the seller said.
      Akana gave the seller two yens and the seller gave her the two masks. Akana handed me a mask and when I touched the mask, it got caught on fire.
      "Oh my gosh!" I screamed.
      Akana sprayed water on it and placed the mask on my face. Akana handed a mask to Unmei and Unmei's mask froze. Unmei didn't care and just placed it on her face.
      "This will protect you from harm, shadow harm," she said.
      We thanked Akana.
      "So, where do you get these powers?" Akana asked. "The Egyptain world must know about this."
      "Well, while we were hanging out at a Japanese pond, fire and ice suddenly came and then we got powers from that," Unmei replied.
      "I see. What are you here for anyways?" Akana said.
      "We are looking for a diamond and save the warriors from Norway," I said.
      Akana told us she knows where the diamond is and said she'll help us.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Chapter 3: Hunting for Dinner
      Asami's Point of View

      It was sundown, we set up a camp fire somewhere that is safe.
      "If you go in to the woods and find three animals we can eat for dinner, I will get someone to help us save Norway,"Akana said.
      We both nodded and ran to the woods. Unmei complained how hard it is to see in the woods. I used both of my hands, rub them together then both of my hands were on fire.
      "Well, that solved the problem, but how do we catch an animal?" Unmei said.
      "Use your brain and use your hands," I replied.
      Unmei was confused what I was trying to say, I just hoped she figures out I was trying to say.
      We walked and walked for ten minutes. Unmei kept complaining we won't find three animals because they are all asleep.
      "You should know by now that there are noct-" I paused.
      We both heard a lion growl, a growl that sounds like it wants us for dinner. The lion came out and ran to Unmei
      Unmei screamed in high pitch then put both of her hands in front of the lion. The lion turned into a frozen statue.
      "We'll break or melt the ice later," I said.
      I looked up at a tree and saw a mother bird with her eggs.
      "Bingo, we got breakfast and dinner," I whispered.
      Unmei was climbing a tree without being careful. Unmei fell off the tree.
      I quickly put the fire out of my hands and caught Unmei. I warned her to be discreet when climbing a tree. I put the fire back on my hands for the light.
      Unmei tried again to climb the tree and this time, being careful. She quietly froze the mother bird and the eggs.
      "Okay, I am getting down," Unmei said.
      Unmei made a frozen stairs then walked down the stairs.
      "We need one more," I said.
      Unmei got a long stick, a long thin leaf, and a berry. She put the berry on the long thin leaf then put the long thin leaf on the long stick.
      "We're going fishing!" Unmei smiled.
      Unmei taught me how to go fishing then we waited for a fish to come.
      Unmei and I sang our favorite Japanese fishing song while waiting for a fish.
      My sister felt a pull and said "I think I got one!" She pulled and pulled and got a big fish.
      "Let's go back to Akana," I said.
      "But where do we go to go back to see Akana," Unmei asked.
      Suddenly, a book just randomly appeared on my feet. Unmei picked up the book. The book was titled Book of Spells.
      We opened the first page. The first page said,
      I am Senka, a shadow who made and wrote these spells. These spells can only be used once so use the spell wisely. If you use a spell at the wrong time, you are doomed. The only way to use a spell again is to use spell "Again o' Spell." There will be some spells you won't use in this trip so you can use it at home.
      Asami, you are person one and Unmei, you are person two. Flip to the next page for the Table of Contents to see all the spells you can use for your trip.
      We flipped to the Table of Contents. The Table of Contents said,

      Teleport Where? 3
      Disguise Yourself 4
      Again o' Spell 5
      Bye-bye Power 6
      Automatic Defeating 7
      Like A Ghost 8
      By Your Side 9
      Power o' Luck 10
      Talking Map 11
      The Black Cat 12
      Freeze Time 13
      It's Alive! 14

      "Let's use Talking Map," I said.
      Unmei flipped to page eleven.
      "Map, map, where are you, lead us the way!" I read.
      "Where where where?" Unmei read.
      The book flew out out of Unmei 's hand and lightning hit that page. Coming out of that page is a Talking Map.
      "I'll lead the way!" the map said.
      "This is creepy," Unmei whispered to me.
      The map told us to go North then West then Southeast. We did what the map told us.
      I turned around and see if the map is still there, but the map was gone.
      I put the fire out of my hands.
      "There you are! Where's the meat?" Akana said.
      Unmei gave Akana a dead mother bird, a dead lion, a dead fish, and bird eggs.
      "Excellent! I brought Layla to help us in our journey," Akana said.
      "Hello," Layla smiled.
      "Oh, hello there!" Unmei and I said.
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